Facial Exercises


Facial exercises improve the appearance of your face by increasing muscle tone, decreasing sagging of the underlying facial tissues. Circulation to facial tissues is improved, as well. Facial exercises can improve the function of muscles weakened by disease or injury, as well. Our facial exercise DVD is an excellent addition to your facial care program.

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It is difficult to teach facial exercises without having /someoneshow you how to do them. Several sessions in the office/salon are necessary to teach anyone a reasonablefacial exercise routine.  Even then it is easy to forget details of how to best do each exercise. Months later, a patient has no way of reviewing the correctmess of his/her technique without returning to the office.

Our facial exercise DVD teaches you how to do facial exercises in a simple straightforward fashion. Models demonstrate the exerceses at the same time you are looking at diagrams of the muscles involved with each exercise. The diagrams help you identify and " "isolate" " the muscle being exercised.  We also suggest that you touch your face with the tips of your fingers, just like the models do, since this helps you identify the muscle you want to tighten.

Our video has four sections. Two sections teach you the exercises-- one with a female model teaching you the exercises, and one with a male model. Two sections show the models going through the workout.  Simply follow the models through the exercise routine. It is best if you apply moisturizer to your face prior to exercising, especiallyif you have dry skin.

After you learn the exercises, you can perform your exercise routine while doing other activities like talking on the phone.   If you forget part of an exercise, refer to the teaching section of the DVD and watch the model. It is a good idea to do this every few months, anyhow, to keep your technique at its best.

Most people notice improvement in facial tone within a few weeks of starting the exercise program.

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