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ELOS ReFirme

ELOS ReFirme combines lightand radiofrequency to transfer energy into the deep slik and subcutaneous tissues to increase collagen formation and even out skin tone.  It has both immediate and long-term effects in both the skin and subcutaneous tissues


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ReFirme combines bipolar radiofrequency and light to precisely heat the dermal tissues wthin a specificaly targeted area.  The contact area of the handpiece is also cooled, limiting the potential effect on the skin itself.  The fact that these modalities are electronically coordinated in a split-second ontrolled sequence allows the benefits of both modalities to be the best while limiting potential side effects, especially acabbing or burning. 

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Immediate improvement is generally noted, and long-term improvements keep coming for months after a series is completed. 

ELOS ReFirme is one of the safest skin treatments we perform.  Most people can resume daily activities immediately.  Important events or meetings can be scheduled 1-3 days after any treatment. 

It can be used on all skin types. It can be used all over the face and on the neck.  It improves a double chin. 

ReFirme is the closest thing to a noninvasive facelift. Best results are generally obtained with a series of 4-5 treatments, with touchup treatments every 6-18 months. 

There is a tiny sting with each radiofrequency burst.  Most people do not find this too uncomfortable.  It is great for the face but can be used on other areas of the body, as well.   

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