Facial Care Products

The skin care program you use daily is the cornerstone of your facial well being.

Why use facial products that contain Copper? Scientific studies have demonstrated that copper plays a vital role in skin health, by helping maintain and restore the skin's ability to repair itself. Copper is important in the production of glycosaminoglycans, which cement tissue components to each other. It also promotes the production of collagen and elastin and plays an antioxidative role in the body.

These products are made to work together for the maximum benefit of your skin. It is not good to mix brands in a skin care program. A free consultation is recommended prior to starting a skin care program. For use of these products, refer to the Instructions for Product Use for Men or Women.

More detailed information regarding product use can be obtained by calling us at 763 494-9846.

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FacialCare Product groups

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Men's Facial Care Group

Mix herbal wash and Reveal Exfoliator. Lather over beard area. Shave with a straightedge razor. Rinse well. Apply Night Therapy.

This is a great way to control razor rash.

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Women's FacialCare Goup


Complex Cu3® Cleansing Bar (4 oz)

This is a specially formulated cleanser is gentle enough to cleanse the raw “open” tissues (burns) that are created during laser resurfacing. It is great for sensitive skin. It hydrates and nourishes delicate skin while cleansing. It is also good for cleansing damaged or sunburned skin. $ 16

Neova® Radiant Skin Cleanser (8 oz)

This product is for normal to oily skin, or skin that appears dull. Gently dissolves oil, dead surface cells, dirt, and make-up. $ 40

Directions: Wash your face each morning and night before applying Neova moisturizers.

Neova® Purifying Cleanser (8 oz)

Extra-strength oil-dissolving cleanser with purifying properties that keep pores clean down deep where problems begin. Removes oil and bacteria. Protects against moisture loss, leaving the skin soft and clean. Skin stays oil-free much longer than with most cleansers. Recommend that you buy a moisturizer with this item. $ 33

Directions: Wash your face each morning and night before applying Neova moisturizers.


Neova® Herbal Wash Facial Cleanser (8 oz)

This soapless foaming gel deeply cleanses pores and stimulates circulation, ridding the skin of make-up, dirt, and oil, while rinsing completely. It does not strip skin of its natural moisture and is compatible with most skin types. It's peppermint extract that is often enjoyed by men, who often combine it with smoothing gel for a clean shave.

Buy NeovaŽ Herbal Wash

Directions: Mix Herbal Wash and Smoothing Gel and apply to the beard area. Shave. Then apply Neova Day or Noght Therapy.



Neova® Night Therapy Cream (1.7 oz)

A special blend of moisturizers combined with a patented copper peptide complex id for use on the face to improve facial skin texture and moisturize. It protects against free radicals and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, promoting healthy, younger looking skin. This is a "MUST" for your face! $ 85

Directions: Use morning and night as your primary moisturizer, especially after use of glycolic products or Retin A.


Neova® Day Therapy Cream (1.7 oz)

Similar to Night Therapy. Contains patented copper peptide moisturizers, but with SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your face from everyday sun exposure. This is a great product to protect your investment in FotoFacials! $ 85

Directions: Apply under make-up for protection from "routine" daily sun exposure.

Neova® Creme De La Copper (1.7 oz)

Neova ® Crème de la Copper contains a mixture of copper peptides, antioxidants, and sea minerals to bathe your skin in luxury. This new product should be one of your facial "cornerstones." $ 110

Directions: Use as an occasional special traeatment or more regularly as a part of your routine facial care.



Neova® Maximum Body Repair (8 oz )

This is a light non-greasy copper peptide lotion is enriched with Vitamin E to soften and soothe skin. It helps retain skins moisture, soothes and softens excessively dry skin, and reduces signs of aging. $42

Directions: Use as needed ver your entire body.


Neova® Illuminating Eye Therapy (4 oz)

This is a soothing moisturizing gel enriched with copper peptide plus Vitamins A and E that firms and tones eyelid skin, fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains the most powerful moisturizers to relieving puffiness without weighing down the delicate periorbital tissues. $58

Direction: Use several times per week for optimal moisturization.




Neova® Antioxidant Therapy (1 oz)

Powerful antioxidants combine with copper micronutrition to protect the skin from free radical damage and stimulate the production of healthy new skin and subcutaneous tissues. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish and the face looks healthy and radiant. A MUST IN YOUR FACIAL CARE PROGRAM!! $98

Directions: Use after glycolic treatments or as a special moisturizer/antioxidant treatment. Leave it on your face. Makeup can be applied over it.



Neova® Copper Moisturizing Mask ( 2 oz )

Used often in facials in the office/salon atmosphere. A great moisturizing mask.it is good for most skin types, and is excellent for hydrating dry, lifeless skin. It supplies skin with powerful dose of micronutrients, improving skins texture and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. $ 49


Glycolic Products

Neova® Reveal exfoliator (2 oz)

This is a 10% glycolic gel, not neutralized or buffered, is as powerful exfoliant of dead skin cells. While smoothing and toning the skin, it maximizes the effectiveness of other products by facilitating their absorption by and through the skin. It also stimulates circulation in the skin. It can also be used to smooth rough skin on arms, legs, elbows, and heels.

The CORNERSTONE of your facial care program!! Please use a moisturizer with this item. Men: Smoothing gel decreases in-grown hairs and shaving rash.


Tissue Repair Products

Complex Cu3®)

Thmetabolism. It is also good for cleansing damaged or sunburned skin. $

Complex Cu3® Intensive Repair Cream (3.5 oz)

A micronized petrolatum and glycerin formula with a patented copper peptide complex for enhanced healing "raw" skin, ie the first 5-7 days after laser resurfacing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or hair-removal. It is non-comedogenic (non-blackhead-forming). it creates an optimal healing environment, maintaining optimal skin hydration and providing copper micronutrition. It helps eliminate crusting and scabbing while relieving itching and tightness. $48

Great for sunburned skin, as well.

Complex Cu3® Post Laser Lotion (4 oz)

This is an elegant moisturizing gel with copper peptides is intended for use after facial treatments when new, tender skin has formed. This water-based formula soothes, protects, and hydrates the delicate new skin while providing essential copper nutrition.
For use on skin after microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing,or chemical peels, Great for sunburned skin, as well.

It can be used under make-up, too. $31


Body Products

Neova® Maximum Body Repair (8 oz)

This is a light non-greasy copper peptide lotion is enriched with Vitamin E to soften and soothe skin. It helps retain skins moisture, soothes and softens excessively dry skin, and reduces signs of aging. $42

MEN, too!!



Ti-Silc® Untinted SPF 45 Sunblock (4 oz)

This is an advanced formula SPF 45 UVA-UVB titanium and silicone based sunblock. It is PABA free, non-comedogenic, waterproof, untinted, and contains vitamins A and E and Melanin as antioxidants.It provides a 90% UVA block and can be used under make-up. It is sweat-proof and waterproof for up to 80 minutes and moisturizes the skin while protecting it. $27