Laser & Facial Surgeries

Conventional and innovative facial surgeries are available as well as many kinds of laser procecures to improve the bony anatomy, muscular framework, subcutaneous tissues, and skin of the face. An extensive discussion with your surgeon should be done preoperatively to make sure you are getting the best procedure(s) for your face, and that they are performed in the simplest and most cost-effective manner.

Below is a list of some of the procedures performed by Dr. Payne. She has over 25 years experience using the CO2 laser. Our noninvasive treatments have been used for several years each. Some of these procedures are considered cosmetic by insurance companies.

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Nasal Surgeries



Noninvasive Procedures

  GentleWaves Photomodulation

  ELOS Refirme Skin Tightening

  ELOS PhotoRejuvination Treatments

Surgeries of the Face


  Brow lift

  Facial rejuvenation/lifts

  Laser Facial Resurfacing

  Removal of Benign Moles, Tags, and Masses, with or without a Laser

  Removal of Facial Tumors/Cancers

  Scar revisions


Neck Surgeries

  Neck lifts

  Scar revisions

Mouth/Throat  Surgeries

  LAUP- Laser Assisted UvuloPalatoplasty  (Snoring Surgery)