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GentleWaves Photomodulation®

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation is a noninvasive modality in which light is delivered throuh Light Emiting Diodes (LED's), causing the activation of cells to produce collagen and elastin and multiply.  It also decreases the enzymes that break down skin.  It is FDA approved for wrinkle reduction.  It minimizes wrinkles and pores while decreasing redness and brown spots.

Flashing yellow light transfers energy into the skin and subcutaneous tissues.  GentleWaves is delivered in a unique pulsed sequence that allows maximal therapy in a short period of time.  Heat is not produced during the treatments, so post-treatment burns are not a risk.  The treatments are painless and can be done as often as every other day. 

Besides producing collagen, GentleWaves is effective in settling down facial redness caused by anything  from sunburn to postoperative bruising to residual acne redness or rosacea. 

GentleWaves creates its best results when used in a series of 6-10 treatments, although as few as 1 treatment will cause some improvement. Improvement is cumulative, and improvements in skin texture and color can be noted to continue for a significant period of time after a treatment sequence has finished.    Decrease of brown spots is very often maximal several months after treaments. 

There is no down-time after a GentleWaves treatment.  In fact, a GentleWaves treatment before a special event will help make the skin color look more even that day.  All skin types can be treated. 

GentleWaves treatments are often combined with other laser or IPL treatments.  Redness and bruising from facial plastic surgeries (or an injury) are reduced more rapidly when GentleWaves treatments are used during the postoperative period.  

Using GentleWaves is effective when combined with a moisturizing facial, ReFirme treatments, or a glycolic peel. This treatment is the most cost-effective of our light and laser treatments.