The FacialCare Center was founded to provide focused cosmetic care of the face, both medically and surgically. The cornerstone of an appropriate treatment plan is an adequate initial consultation. It is an important to carefully evaluate what has happened to the face in the past and then determine what needs to be done in the future. Previous surgeries, cosmetic treatments and applications of any kind as well as all systemic medications and herbal treatments must be reviewed. Any history of facial trauma is important as well as any other general medical information. Then we need to know what you want improved / changed. We need to know what facial treatments or surgeries you might wish to consider, what you want to avoid, and your expectations of the outcomes of any given portion of the treatment.

Often, your plan will include cleaning up and revitalizing the skin as well astoning the facal muscles and subcutaneous tissues. Surgey might include changes to the bony and/or cartilaginous infrastructure or surgical procedures on the skin or subcutaneous tissues.

Note: There is no charge for a cosmetic consultation. Any medical, non-cosmetic problems that are identified may be charged, however.

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