The FacialCare Center was founded to provide focused cosmetic care of the face, both medically and surgically. The cornerstone of this is a good consultation with our doctor and her staff. 

The facial consultation is an important first step to carefully evaluate what has happenedto the face in the past and what needs to be done. It is important for you to state clearly what you would like to achieve with facial treatments and / or surgery. Please bring a list of any facial surgeries and facial treatments that have been done in the past. Also, please bring information regarding any facial injuries and your general medical information. Your face will then be examined. Your skin type will be assessed, as will the degree of sun damage. A plan can then be outlined to allow you to achieve your cosmetic goals. Costs and a realistic timeframe in which your goals can be accomplished will also be addressed.

Often, your plan will include cleaning up and revitalizing the skin, toning the face, both muscles and subcutaneous tissues, and/or surgically changing the bony / cartilaginous infrastructure.

To schedule a free facial evaluation call 763 494-9846

Note: There is no charge for a cosmetic consultation. Any medical problems that are identified or treated will be charged, however.