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 Skin Care for Men

Men have skin that needs care just as much as women do.  The topic of skin care for men has been largely ignored, though.  Many of the skin needs are similar to those of women, but many are different or are better approached differently.  An overview is presented here.  Consult your local skin care specialist for further information.

One of the major differences in male and female facial skin is the presence of the beard. Keeping the area around the hair follicles free of inflammation or infection can be a significant problem for some men. In some people, particularly dark skinned men of African origin, keloids/razor bumps may form around hair folicles that make shaving difficult to impossible. In those cases, ablation of the hair follicles by a laser may be particularly worthwhile. For those men who simply get inflammation around the bases of the hairs, a good glycolic treatment program is worthwhile. The details of using Smoothing Gel, a 10% glycolic acid product, are discussed in our Yahoo store as well as below.

Office or shop glycolic peels (30 or 50%) are just as useful in cleaning up the skin of men as they are in women. They take off more dead skin than the 10% glycolic acid in Smoothing gel, further cleaning up the face . Do not be afraid to approach the FacialCare Clinic for this service. If you live in another city or state, we might be able to help direct you to a knowledgeable facial specialist in your area.

Microdermabrasion is as as helpful in cleaning up the skin of men as they are in women. Layers of dead skin cells are removed by pelting the skin with tin aluminum crystals.  Again, feel free to consult us for information regarding the use of this service.

The facial plastic surgery procedures, including laser facial resurfacing, are all just as appropriate in men as women. Our surgical techniques are often somewhat different from those used on women's faces, related mostly to the thickness and pliability differences that exist between male and female faces, and the differences in underlying bone and muscle size/structure. The basic indications for facial surgery are very similar and the procedures themselves differ only minimally.

Facial exercises are as important in maintaining tone in the structures under a man's skin, too. Our facial exercise instructions are now available. For your comfort, the exercises have be photographed using a male model as well as a female model.

Should you have questions regarding products or procedures available, please call our office at (763) 494-9846.